Artist Bio

Aoife DeMille is an Irish multimedia installation and sound artist currently based in Dublin. As a sound artist, Aoife explores rich and emotive imagery through vocal and sound manipulation. With a specialisation in music technology, she utilises digital audio workstations such as Logic Pro X and Ableton Live Suite for composition, sound design, production, and live acoustic and electronic performance. By way of exploring the psychoacoustic and semiotic effects that sound can have on a listener, Aoife seeks to adjust and expand the capabilities of acoustic and virtual instruments in order to create dense audio landscapes. She also employs audio programming softwares such as p5 javascript, Max 8, and Pure Data in her compositional practice as a trained sound technician.


    With a background in classical performance and study, Aoife endeavours to utilise this expertise throughout her contemporary artistic projects. Acoustically, she performs the recorders, piano, guitar, and vocals. Electronically, she uses a Novation Launchkey MIDI controller with Ableton Live Suite. 


    Holding a Bachelors in Music from Trinity College Dublin, her work involves the conduction of extensive academic research in the execution of both her installation and sound art pieces. Aoife frequently employs solution-based, ‘design-thinking’ in her artistic practice due to the nature of her course of study. Academic, artistic research aids in Aoife's exploration of thematic and conceptual materials which inform her artworks, as it is felt that this provides a more in-depth understanding of her arts practice areas. As part of her Senior Sophister year in university, Aoife designed, developed and created her debut solo exhibition which was titled Interstices of Sound & Vision: Heterotopia Installation (2019). This exhibition saw the creation of a multimedia, immersive installation which explored a broad range of interdisciplinary themes and research. Involving thorough analyses of Michel Foucault’s heterotopia theory, Iannis Xenakis’ Polytopes, installation art forms informed by post-structuralist theory, Charles Pierce’s semiotics theory and so forth, the installation went on to receive two awards granted by the Department of Music, including best overall Senior Sophister project. 


    Aoife's goal as an installation artist is to create abstract physical and conceptual spaces to form sensory experiences and self-reflexive, transformative environments. She seeks to better define her work through the exploration of themes and topics in an abstract and broader contextual frameworks. Aoife also endeavours to create original installation artwork and sound art pieces by utilising her broad set of skills.  

    Aoife is currently developing a number of projects as supported by the Arts Council of Ireland. These projects include a solo exhibition as supported by the Bursary Award which will be publicly exhibited in Dublin in December 2021— a new media performance art piece which will examine the dichotomies of traditional vs. electronic music in line with a metaphysical examination of classical vs. romantic thinking. Another project will be the debut group exhibition from the ISLO Collective as supported by the Music Project Award—featuring artists Aoife DeMille, Lara Gallagher, Alana McDonough, and Suibhne Bichon Durand, the exhibition will form a multimedia immersive installation which will explore the theme of magical realism, and will be hosted in Studio 10, Wicklow Street in November 2021. Finally, Aoife will be composing and releasing a short set of acoustic compositions for virtual public exhibition as supported by the Agility Award, examining the dissolution of acoustic sounds over time.


    Overall, Aoife's work acts as facilitator for emotional introspection—sound and visual journeys that delicately suggest but never instruct, her work provides a platform for audience members to become co-creators in the experience.