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2014 - 19     Bachelors in Music, Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin.



Solo Exhibitions

2019            Boydell Recital Room, House 5, Trinity College Dublin, Interstices of Sound & Vision: Heterotopia Installation 




2018            “Talking Heads: Lyrical Contribution.” Writings About Music Journal, Volume IV. 

Honors and Awards

2019            Geoffrey Singleton Prize in Music, Trinity College Dublin Department of Music, 2019 for the best final project submitted in Music by candidate of sufficient merit. 


2019            Stewart and Prout Prize in Music, Trinity College Dublin Department of Music, 2019 – founded in 1951, awarded annually for the best overall Senior Sophister final project   

                    on the recommendation of the Department of Music.


2020            Covid-19 Response Award by Arts Council Ireland.


                    Music Bursary Round 2 by Arts Council Ireland.


                    Music Project Award by Arts Council Ireland (ISLO Collective).


2021            Agility Award Round 1 by Arts Council Ireland.

2022            Music Bursary Round 1 by Arts Council Ireland.




2015            Waiting To Happen  EP – vocals for A Happy Accident, Co.Dublin.


                   Performed as a support act for Irish duo, Saint Sister, Carnegie Art’s Centre, Co. Kerry. 


2016            Performed as part of the Trinity Winter Showcase in Powerscourt Theatre, Co.Dublin.


2017            Performed as part of a charity event hosted by DU Dance in Powerscourt Theatre,  



2019            Performed as part of the Draoi ensemble at Body & Soul Festival.


2019            Performed as part of the Draoi ensemble at Electric Picnic Festival.


2021            Light Moves Festival: Conducted two multimedia performances commissioned by the festival at the Hunt Museum and in People’s Park, Light Moves ‘Spiral’series 

                    in conjunction with Dublin Modular, Co.Limerick. 


2022            Performed as part of ambient electronic music event Still Space, Unit 44 Co.Dublin.


2022            Performed as support act for More Ease & Seth Graham at the Workman’s Cellar hosted by Foggy Notions. 



Solo Projects

2018            Launched an interview series at Trinity College Dublin. Featuring a wide range of musicians, I conducted interviews with artists including Lisa Hannigan, Cigarettes After                          Sex, Girlband, Helena Wood, and Interference. This series gave recognition for each artist(s)’s outstanding contribution to music and the arts in Ireland.


2020            Released, ‘Forward & Back We Go’. Referencing Ireland, its landscape, culture, mythology, the piece engaged electronic and vocal sound design and improvisation, 

                    and visual projection. Debut virtual immersive exhibition. 


2022            Released, ‘Morning Fires’ as supported by the Arts Council Bursary Award. 



Group Projects

2020            Co-founded, co-created, and launched a new online platform and artist collective titled the ISLO Collective. Originally acting as a virtual contemporary art museum featuring 

                    emerging Irish artists during the Covid-19 pandemic, ISLO has formed into a multi-medium art collective and organization which will assist emerging artists of all 

                    disciplines to create new media art projects and events in Dublin. 


2022           Curated, composed, and produced sound for a debut exhibition as co-founder of the ISLO Collective in Studio 10. 

                   As You Can Tell was an immersive audio-visual installation featuring the work of five Dublin artists, Lara Gallagher, Aoife DeMille, Becky Jones, Suibhne Durand, and                            Alana McDonough.This exhibition was supported by the Arts Council Ireland Music Project award.


2021            Featured on Dublin Digital Radio as part of the “Dublin Modular Talks” series to discuss upcoming commission from Limerick Light Moves Festival and Dublin 

                    Modular in September 2021. 

Programmes & Residencies

2021 - 22     Taking part as one of five artists selected for the Project Intensive pilot programme with the Project Arts Centre. 

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